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Documento tecnico attuativo del Codice Mondiale Antidoping  e dei relativi Standard internazionali 

Norme sportive antidoping

Lista delle sostanze e metodi proibiti 2013 standard internazionale

Il testo ufficiale della Lista è depositato presso la WADA ed è pubblicato in Inglese e Francese. In caso di disparità tra la versione Inglese e quella Francese, farà fede la versione Inglese.

Lista delle Sostanze e Metodi Proibiti

Informativa richiesta Esenzione a Fini Terapeutici (TUE) CONI

Richiesta Esenzione a Fini Terapeutici

Official WADA documents


To promote and protect the integrity of sport and the health of athletes, the IPC, together with International Federations and the National Paralympic Committees established the IPC Anti-Doping Code.


The aims of the code, which is fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency Code, are:


To protect the athlete’s right to participate in doping free sport and thus promote health, fairness and equality for athletes worldwide.

To ensure harmonised, co-ordinated and effective anti-doping programmes on the international and national level with regards to detection, deterrence and prevention of doping.

Anti-Doping rules, like Competition rules, are sport rules governing the conditions under which sport is played. All participants (athletes and athlete support personnel) accept these rules as a condition of participation and are presumed to have agreed to comply with the IPC Anti-Doping Code.

The IPC fully supports the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) view that the long-term solution to preventing doping is through effective values-based education programmes that can foster anti-doping behaviors and create a strong anti-doping culture.

In addition to the video above, WADA has produced a number of educational resources for athletes and coaches which can be found below:

WADA Quiz – Test your knowledge of anti-doping

WADA Doping Control Leaflet (English)

WADA Dangers of Doping Leaflet (English)

WADA Dangers of Doping Leaflet (Other languages)

Coach True (link to


13 Agosto 2013: fonte Gazzetta Ufficiale

Revisione della lista dei farmaci, delle sostanze biologicamente o farmacologicamente attive e delle pratiche mediche, il cui impiego e’ considerato doping

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